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Eccles Sixth Form College is proud to introduce an intensive 1-day short course focused on enhancing healthcare skills. Hosted within our cutting-edge “Health Lab – Simulation Centre,” equipped with state-of-the-art Juno manikins, Anatomage, and CAVE technologies, this course offers a unique opportunity for healthcare practitioners to immerse themselves in simulated crisis situations and practice crucial responses within a safe environment. The curriculum covers Basic Life Support, Respiratory Rate management, and identifying risk factors for Heart Rate issues, along with hands-on scenarios addressing chronic conditions like Asthma, Heart Failure, Diabetes, Dementia, and more. This immersive experience aims to equip individuals with practical skills for adult care settings, providing them with a solid foundation to excel in the healthcare field.



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Empower your team with industry-focused healthcare skills essential for thriving in today’s dynamic landscape. Enroll today and take the first step towards advancing your career in healthcare!